On-Site Machining -Effeciant and Cost-Effective

Our large inventory of field machining equipment on hand allows us to perform many of our standard repairs quickly with short notice and at a cost-savings to our customer.

    Field Machining Services Include:
  1. Pressure Seal Bore Repair
  2. Gate Valve Seat Replacement
  3. Pipe Severing and Beveling
  4. Pipe End Prep
  5. Line Boring
  6. Stud Removal
  7. Flange Facing
  8. Your Custom Project
On-Site Machining Custom Projects

This is a "water wall sphere" we machined the gasket surface on the door and resurfaced the mating sealing area inside the door. We used a standard machine with a custom modification to be able to perform the work. The door could not be removed from the sphere since it was put in before the sphere was welded together.

Custom Lap

This is a piston we manufactured for an obsolete check valve while on an emergency job in Kansas City over the weekend. With no other options, we made it entirely on-site in our Mobile Machine Shop.

Emergency Contact

Pete Krolman "Inside Sales" ~ 417-825-3354