Weld Repair and Overlay

Our expert team places welding as a top priority and is equipped with the latest hardware and staffed by experienced welders that are rigorously qualified by J~S Machine & Valve, Inc. and our third party level three in accordance with ANSI standards. We offer high quality welding services for any type, size, and material by quality welders in a safe and professional welding environment.

Welding Procedures

Every welder that we employ is tested on the approved welding procedures that we strictly enforce. Each test that our welders perform is graded on both visual inspections, PT inspection, and then sent out to a third party inspection firm for further evaluation and approval. Once our welders pass a procedure, we carefully record continuity logs on the individual welders. This ensures that they weld under each procedure they are qualified to conduct, for at least once within a three month period. If a weld is not preformed under a given procedure, the welder must start the process over.

Emergency Contact

Pete Krolman "Inside Sales" ~ 417-825-3354