Quality Control

Our goal is to provide you with the most service and highest quality possible. That's why our remanufacturing processes are designed to produce a valve whose quality standards exceed O.E.M. requirements.

Valve Tracking

We track every valve we service from start to finish. Each valve and valve parts are stamped with a unique identifier specifically for that valve. This unique identifier allows us to track every aspect of valve repair from initial inspection to testing.

Pressure Testing

Our team consistently tests each individual valve that we repair. Our testing procedures meet and exceed the requirements set forth for both API 598 and API 6D testing. When dealing with valves for HF Acid it is imperative that there is no water that goes through the valve. Even the smallest drop of water when mixed with HF Acid can magnify increase corrosion and shorten the life span of these high dollar valves. Our comprehensive tester is dedicated solely to testing Acid valves. Mineral oil and air are the only two forms of media that pass through the lines to ensure there is no cross contamination of the testing medias. We also offer API 598 and 6D test reports as well as chart recorded testing at customer request.

Non Destructive Evaluation

Dye Penetrant ~ We staff numerous Level II technicians to perform our Dye Penetrant Testing procedures. Dye Penetrant is very effective in detecting cracks and irregularities in surface materials and welds.
Hardness Testing ~ Our team is trained to do hardness testing on both Brinnell and Rockwell charts.

Welding Procedures

Every welder that we employ is tested on the approved welding procedures that we strictly enforce. Each test that our welders perform is graded on both visual inspections, PT inspection, and then sent out to a third party inspection firm for further evaluation and approval. Once our welders pass a procedure, we carefully record continuity logs on the individual welders. This ensures that they weld under each procedure they are qualified to conduct, for at least once within a three month period. If a weld is not preformed under a given procedure, the welder must start the process over.

Gauge and Tooling Calibration

Quality is a major industry concern. Our thoroughness and policies require that all pressure gauges used in the testing of our valves are calibrated every six months, which also includes our chart recorded tester. In addition to further ensure quality, we require that all measuring devices caliper, micrometers, etc. are calibrated every six months. Gauges and measuring equipment that are out of calibration are discarded and replaced with new material.

To ensure that our quality is the highest possible, We have developed test standards that exceed both API 598 and 6D requirements. We can also supply chart recorded tests if required.

Emergency Contact

Pete Krolman "Inside Sales" ~ 417-825-3354