Our Products

We offer a variety of customized products that fit your needs. Our goal is to provide the highest level of quality and an enhanced level of service to all of our customers. We supply and repair an array of industrial valves for almost every application. Our customers are looking for quality, flexibility availability and cost savings - we are dedicated to exceed your expectations with full customer service.

New Products

We stock and distribute a large quantity of new valves. Listed below are just some of the brands of new valves we offer:

  • Beric ~ Valves-Cast Steel Gates, Globes, and Checks
  • Crane ~ Cast Steel Gates, Globes, and Checks, Butterfly Valves, Bronze Valves, and Cast Iron Valves
  • Duo-Check ~ Wafer Checks
  • Flowseal ~ Butterfly Valves
  • Fortune ~ Ball Valves
  • General ~ Twinseals
  • Kitz ~ Ball Valves, and Bronze Valves
  • Milwaukee ~ Bronze and Cast Iron Valves
  • Powell ~ Cast Steel Gates, Globes, and Checks
  • Roto-Hammer ~ Chain Wheel Operators
  • Stonetown ~ Butterfly Valves
  • Sureflow ~ Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Wafer Checks, and Strainers
  • SWI ~ Forged Steel Gates Globes and Checks
  • Walworth ~ Cast Steel and Forged Steel Gates, Globes, and Checks, Lubricated Plug Valves, Bronze, and Cast Iron Valves
  • Xanik ~ Gate, Globe, Swing Check, Lift Check, Stop Check, Tilting Disc

Reconditioned Valves

With our large machine shop and warehouse we are able to stock a variety of reconditioned stock.

  • Gates, Globes, and Checks in Cast Steel as well as various other body materials including Stainless Steel, C5, WC6, C12, Hastelloy, and Monel
  • HF Acid Gates, Globes, and Checks in both UOP and Phillips approved Specs Wedgeplugs in WCB, C5, and C12
  • Lubricated Plugs Large assortment in both Cast Iron and Cast Steel Pressure Seal-Gates, Globes, and Checks
  • Pipeline Gate Valves Including WKM, M ∓ J, Grove, etc.
  • Orbits Cast Steel and Stainless Steel with numerous seating options
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Tilting Disc Checks In Both Steel and Cast Iron
  • Straight Through and Angle Boiler Valves In Cast Steel and Cast Iron
  • General Twinseal J~S is known for their large assortment of Twinseal valves. We stock valves in virtually every size. We also to stainless steel lining and NACE conversions
  • 6D Swing Checks
  • Ball Valves
  • Dan-Ex
  • Truseal
Looking for a special product line? Just let us know with our 37 years in business we have developed a large outsourcing network that allows us to find virtually any type of valve to meet your specifications
Emergency Contact

Pete Krolman "Inside Sales" ~ 417-825-3354